Property Tax Reduction Services

What we do

Real Estate Tax Services

Rainbolt & Alexander, Inc is an employee-owned firm located in Houston, TX committed exclusively to providing real estate property tax consulting services to commercial property owners

How we work

Superior Results

Our proven team has consistently demonstrated superior property tax appeal results by utilizing advanced proprietary software, unmatched market/appraisal knowledge, and the industry's most aggressive negotiating skills. These elements are the foundation of our firm and are paramount in our success.


A Priority For Us

We are a service driven firm with a priority on developing long-term business relationships. Our most important asset is our clients; they are also our biggest advocate. We do not take that trust and responsibility lightly.

As of December 1st 2018 Rainbolt & Alexander has moved to a new address! Our new location is 4511 Dacoma St, Houston, TX 77092. Please note this change for all future correspondence including bill payment.